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The simplest solution for many vision problems


As frame designers and manufacturers continue to actively produce stylish eyewear and cutting-edge lens technology, choosing the right pair of glasses to fit your personality and lifestyle has become increasingly enjoyable. Glasses are very much considered fashion accessories in addition to enhancing your vision.

A prescription lens is a high-tech product combining an optical surface, material, coating and tinting, used to correct vision. The choice of material, such as a high index lens, is also important because it affects the weight and thickness of the lens and its resistance to shocks. The coatings, including anti-reflective, anti-fog, UV and blue light filters, applied on the front and back surface of the lens increase visual comfort, the protection and prevention to visual health risks provided by the lens.

Start with a comprehensive eye examination

We’ll help you decide on glasses based on the findings of your eye exam and a consultation about your lifestyle.


Is your prescription up-to-date?

Updating your prescription may seem like an unnecessary “hoop” held by insurance companies; however, it’s based on the reality of time-related changes that happen to our eyes. It is recommended to have an eye test every one to two years, more often if you wear glasses, contact lenses, or have other risk factors.