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Hong Kong Optometry Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Your journey to better vision starts here. We perform exams for common and uncommon vision problems. A regular eye exam can also detect underlying, systemic conditions.

Vision Therapy

More than strengthening eye muscles, vision therapy can improve coordination, focus, and understanding for children and adults alike.

Diabetic Eyecare

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the leading causes of blindness. Let us help you monitor and manage your risk factors related to and stemming from vision.

Paediatric Eyecare

Vision is essential for development. A paediatric eye examination can reveal problems otherwise unnoticed, which can help prevent a negative effect on educational and social development.

Contact Lenses

Properly fitted contact lenses can give you the safety, comfort, and security to improve your vision and match your lifestyle.


Eyeglasses are a simple solution for vision problems. Whether you’re having to extend your arms when looking at your phone or trouble reading the menu in a restaurant, we’ll help you decide on the best frames and lenses for your unique needs.

Myopia Control

Also known as near or short-sightedness, myopia affects both adults and children Dr. Thai will guide you through treatment options to best manage your or your children’s vision.

Dry Eyes

Discover how optometry can improve your daily vision and comfort along with tips for prevention.

Contact Us

We’d love to answer your questions about improving your vision. Call us and schedule an appointment today.